If you have ever had to write an argumentative essay, you know how many problems it causes. You will have to spend a considerate amount of time to do a profound research, gather the relevant and convincing arguments, organize them in the most appropriate order, edit and proofread your essay.

All of these things seem to be challenging enough but you might have an additional one if you have a possibility to choose a topic. It means that you will have to sacrifice another hour or two to come up with an interesting, suitable, and non-trivial idea for your paper. However, there is good news as well. You can check the list of our meaningful topics to find the one you like or get inspired and come up with a better one.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Technology

We see how technological advancements dramatically change the way we live and interact with each other. Some of them change our lives for the better and others do not. It is for us to decide what future we want to see and what part of it will depend on the emerging gadgets and technological discoveries.

It may be difficult to pick a side when writing an argumentative essay on technology. The questions discussed are often extremely debatable so you will need to find and prepare very convincing evidence to support your viewpoint.

1. Do technological advancements make our lives more dangerous?
2. Should there be a legislative regulation of violent video games launches?
3. Will the technological advancements help people conquer the feeling of loneliness in the future?
4. Will YouTube replace television?
5. Do technological advancements have a limit?
6. Do mobile phones make life easier or harm the relationships with our friends and family?
7. Will the development of robotic systems lead to our laziness or effectiveness?
8. Social networks: are they a mean of connection or the biggest privacy threat?
9. Will we be able to survive if all the technology disappears one day?
10. Should the governments invest more to prevent the diseases the technology causes?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Marketing, Advertising, and Media

If you don’t know what you want it is probably because you haven’t seen it in an ad yet. We see companies and world-famous brands communicating with us on the streets, through our phones, during a TV show, etc. The impact of the modern marketing and advertising channels is huge.

When writing your essay, you can explore this tremendous influence the media has on our society. Here are some ideas you can use for your masterpiece. Just remember that there are no right or wrong answers. Everything depends on how convincing you will be.

11. Is it still acceptable for companies to create racial and discriminating ads in the 21st century?
12. Should the advertising of everything that can harm a human’s health be banned?
13. Should school advertising continue to exist?
14. Should there be a law making companies mention all the side-effects of their products in the ads?
15. Should all the big brands refuse to use photoshopped images?
16. Do reality TV shows have a negative impact on the viewers?
17. Companies using our personal data to help us choose the most suitable products for us a threat to the privacy?
18. Can something be done to stop the manipulative actions of the modern media?
19. Does an unbiased source of news exist?
20. Should there be a law prohibiting the advertisers to present an unrealistic image of the reality?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Social Issues

Living in a society requires you to follow its rules. To interact with others without creating conflicts and unexpected disappointments, you have to consider not only your needs but also those of the people around you. The world is changing fast and we all have to adapt to the new reality.

The problems of discrimination, illegal immigration, gender inequality are as relevant as ever. You have numerous topics to choose from when writing an argumentative essay on sociology. Here are some of them.

21. Can online courses be an effective replacement for college?
22. Should immigrants have more or fewer rights in the U.S.?
23. Is there a way to conquer gender inequality at a workplace?
24. Does online dating do more good or harm?
25. What should be an appropriate age for a child to start going to school?
26. Do social networks lead to isolation?
27. Is it effective to let the children do what they want?
28. Are women smarter than men?
29. Can the payment inequality between men and women be conquered?
30. Should there be a 4-day working week in the U.S.?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Moral Issues

We all have moral compasses. Sometimes they differ a lot and we begin to judge others for their actions and beliefs. You get your moral compass from parents and the environment you grow up in. Society has a tremendous impact on the way we behave and decide what is right or wrong. When you need to choose from the variety of argumentative essay topics, try to find the issue that is relevant considering the current situation.

You can find numerous examples of topics but they might be outdated. Focus on the debatable issues that are interesting to you. Share your personal experience as there is no better way of connecting with a reader. Check out these topics which are still important.

31. Should euthanasia be legalized all around the world?
32. Do atheists have worse moral compasses than the believers?
33. Should people with visible tattoos have equal job opportunities as those who have don’t have them?
34. Can we avoid animal testing and still find the effective ways of curing people?
35. Should there be an age limit for cosmetic surgeries?
36. Are all kinds of photos appropriate to publish on the social networks?
37. Is it moral to date a person who is much younger/older than you?
38. Should there be any penalties for the colleagues that are romantically involved?
39. Should age be a limiting factor in terms of dating?
40. Should celebrities be open about their political views?

Argumentative Essay Topics on International Policies

It may not be that obvious but the way a country manages to build the relationships with foreign governments play a significant role in our everyday life. It can influence the products we buy and their prices, vacation destinations we choose from, and even our peaceful existence.

There should be a healthy balance between lobbying a country’s own interests and finding a compromise with others. We can see wars going on and people suffering from losing their families. International conflicts are not a rarity these days. You can find numerous topics for discussion when writing your essay.

41. Is the U.S. provoking the conflict with North Korea?
42. Do the military actions in Ukraine really have a political context or just serve as a way to do illegal business?
43. Will the conflict between Israel and Palestine ever come to an end?
44. Does the way to stop world terrorism exist?
45. Is there a way to convince all the countries to destroy their nuclear weapon?
46. The third world war is inevitable.
47. Should country leaders listen to their moral compasses or do what is better for their homeland?
48. Should it be illegal for civilians to buy and carry fire-arms?
49. Is pacifism a dream or probable reality?
50. Is democracy the best possible system of government?